Friday, August 12, 2011

How to Use a Tablet PC

It is super important that you have a general know how of how to use your cheap tablet PC once you have bought it to take full advantage of all the great features it offers. If not, you might be missing out on a few of the numerous efficient tools that it is an incorporation of.

Beginning with the basics, if your cheap tablet PC is of the slate variety the level of simplicity is increased and all you need to do is get familiar with the style or electronic pen, lay the tablet on the desk essentially the way you would do with a writing pad and start writing. Once you have taken down your notes, you have the option of either keeping the data in your own handwriting or converting it in to typing with digital ink. If you have chosen the convertible variety, it is as if you have purchased additional versatility for yourself. While this type of tablet can be used as a slate, it is used mostly as a laptop because it comes with a keyboard and mouse pad attached to it. This means that you can either use the keyboard to type in data or write with the screen on the pen; whichever you are more comfortable with.

These models run Windows XP and all its associated programs and features efficiently, so once you have explored the programs you should have no program making your way around the software as it is essentially the same as what you had been using previously on your desktop personal computer. What you will be interested to know about are the great plug-ins and additional software that is available exclusively for tablet PCs. Software you do not want to miss out on is OneNote. This allows you to test and take advantage of the microphone and excellent recording feature of your tablet as well. in this program while listening to an important lecture, you can simple make one small note, make a symbol such as an exclamation mark with it and tap on it with the stylus to command the tablet to begin recording. This will be saved and is easily accessible later with a simple tap on the symbol you drew earlier.

Other add-ons include the Outlook program and PlanPlus from Franklin Covey. As many other tablet users will agree and attest to, once you are familiar with the stylus and general features of this tool, it will become an essential.

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